Students learn:  

1) fluent music reading using appealing pieces

2) good hand usage for fluid , confident playing

3) good practice procedures to save time and progress quickly

4) musical expression

From 3 years to adult, we have a class for you.

Spring 2022 Classes 

Summer Camps starting July 11, and 18

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Fall  2022 Classes

Toddler Classes

Group and Private piano lessons for children

Group Classes for adults

Advanced private piano

Special needs piano



Children ages 18 months to 4 years old are at an ideal age for sparking a love music. Using the MusicPlay program   we will sing and dance our way through seasonal activities. With a combination of  favorites like "Going for a Bear Hunt"  as well as new songs, kids can experience singing, playing instruments  SEE MORE

Summer Camps 

Held at 252 Seafield Road. 

We have a piano lab, a performance space, an outdoor gazebo area, and a park next door.

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Music for Young Children

Classes for Beginners aged 3-10

We place beginning students in our highly supportive groups classes to give them the best possible foundation.  We support parents by:

1)   scheduling classes after school, evening or  on Saturdays so parents can also easily attend (parental attendance is required)

2)   using fun-filled activities we teach your child here, and then we send you home with the same fun activities to reinforce what was already completed in class.

  We keep our students motivated and engaged with a wide range of activities and steady progress.   SEE MORE

Online Student Rilie with certificates from Selkirk, Manitoba local festival  leading to Manitoba Provincial Festival 2019

Riley is a Music For Young Children graduate.

Group Classes from beginner to  level 4 RCM

 Students  meet in groups of up to six in the piano lab.   They have a full, fun hour of practicing to  "work out the kinks" before they have to practice at5 home.   Great option for parents who don't know music, or have little time to practice with their kids.

Private Classes- including advanced

Students in Grade 1 RCM and can take private classes. We have many students playing into the intermediate and senior levels, usually scoring First Class Honors and even distinction on RCM exams   Students are exposed to, and can choose from  great literature found in not only  the Royal Conservatory, and jazz from Conservatory Canada, but also popular works. Our teens  and adults can enjoy popular style music from WunderKeys inspired by Celtic Music and Rock.  Students in this program have access to a once a month group class for ensemble work, improvisation, history, etc.  SEE MORE

Adult Online Group Classes

 Started  lessons as a kid, but haven't played since?   Wanting to keep up with your child?   Never played? 

see more

One of our private students who has played in the Greater Victoria performing Arts Festival, RCM exams (First Class Honours)and the West Shore Arts Showcase.   This is the ending to Catherin Rollin's Concerto Romantique, 1st movement

One of our private students who recently completed a RCM Grade 9 with First Class Honors.  

Special Needs

 We have a limited number of spaces for students with a couple of challenges.  We have experience with autism, anxiety and dyslexia. SEE MORE



(This program is currently on hold- but waitlist is accepted)

 Although theory is incorporated into private lessons, once students are at level 5 we strongly recommend a second class each week to prepare for theory exams.   We use the Sound Advice program, proudly developed here in Victoria and recognized by both the Victoria  Conservatory of Music and the Royal Conservatory.   Classes are hybrid, in that they will be in person, but can be attended online.  RCM theory 6 is on Thursdays at 7:30, and RCM theory 8 is at 8:00-8:30    price is 12.00 per class  see more


 Teacher Training

Colwood Music School is a growing school and is looking to hire teachers in the future.    In order to preserve the quality of education, we are starting a new teacher training program in September 2022.  Students must have Grade 8 music to enter.  We will prepare for the RCM Elementary Pedagogy exam in the Fall term, and RCM Intermediate Pedagogy exam in the spring.  Students will have 2 hours in instruction a week.   The first hour is the topics covered on the RCM exam, the second hour is a survey of the RCM teaching literature based on the approach used in the VCM teacher  training program of the late Mrs. Winifred Wood.   In person recommended, but online is possible by arrangement. To write the  RCM exam, students must be 16 and have completed the ARCT exam.   However, students who have completed grade 8 RCM practical exam, and want to start teaching as a student teacher are encouraged to audit the course.    Students will need to do a number of assignments and projects.   Tuesdays 12:00-2:00  from after Labour Day to end of April.    Tuition for the years  $725.00 Students will require current  copies of the RCM Prep A to level 5 Repertoire and Etudes.


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