Music For Young Children Program

Our studio has demonstrated over the years, that group classes for beginners provide a powerful, solid foundation for children.  Our program has three levels of intake to provide age appropriate starts, and each level is a full year course in a well- rounded curriculum with supporting materials.  Children will learn the foundations of reading, harmony, fluid hand position, composition, ear training and theory in a joyful supportive environment.

   Confidence in performance is established through informal performances in the classroom, before students perform in the two recitals held each year.  Before children complete the program, they are introduced to the Royal Conservatory program, or if they prefer , we have a jazz music program from Conservatory Canada. If they choose, they may even complete an exam!!

 Students also have the opportunity to enjoy duets and ensembles with each other.  


Levels of MYC

Customer Testimonials


Real West Shore students.   When asked "What is your favorite part of MYC?"  The answer came back


Students F.B  and A.D.

How do MYC students do after MYC?  See video below of MYC graduate R. G. performing award winning solo in festival leading to the provincials finals.