July 5-10 Piano With Friends

After all the solo practicing in the regular year,  summer is the opportunity to really play with our skills. We will do  rhythm cup ensembles, piano orchestra, duets, music games, art projects and of course outdoor play.  Our home by the Colwood Lagoon is close  to lots of beaches, forests, and parks to visit in between musical sessions.  This is a great way to forge lasting friendships with other musical kids.  Students should be in at least level 1 of a standard method book (usually 6 months of lessons)  Class minimum 4, maximum 6.

$170.00 for 9:00-12:00, $250 for full day, 9:00-3:00

 August 27-31 Introduction to Piano for Ages 5-6

A week of musical introduction for children with no experience.  End the summer with  a head start on a fun and easy introduction to the piano.  Presented  in a class of 4-6 children, meet a cast of musical characters like Dino D and fireman Fred.   Children will understand basic keyboard geography and be able to play by the week's end.   We are in the beautiful Colwood Lagoon, close to beaches and forests for breaks in between music making. Class minimum 4, maximum 6. See More

$170.00 for 9:00-12:00