We offer a simple,  pleasant approach to learning the piano, from special needs to gifted students of all ages.

Registration for Music Summer Camps starts today!

Held at 252 Seafield Road.


-Music Explosion July 11-15 (Ages 7-12)


-Music For Young Children - Critters Come to Camp July 18-22 (Ages 5-7).


We have a piano lab, a performance space, an outdoor gazebo area, and a park next door.


Book early to save your spot!

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Music Summer Camps July 2022

  How parents describe us:

Adaptive  Inclusive Reliable Flexible Expert

 I play the piano better and more easily because I have learned how to use my hands well, Music for Young Children graduate and finalist in the Manitoba Provincial Finals, 2019.   Riley, online student, (see performance below)

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