April 2022


Preschoool Music Teacher  We are currently looking for one or two people to teach preschool music, both in house, and in the community. Rates are variable, but range from 33.00 per hour, to $50.00 per hour.  Colwood Music school will supply  training, curriculum,  ands materials.   Teacher needs a car, and an iPad would be an asset.

Piano Teacher  This could be combined with piano teaching, in house, on Saturday afternoons.  Rates start at 45.00 per hour, up to 63.00 per hour, depending on enrollment.   These classes may start as private classes, but as enrollment increases are to be groups.   Training in teaching groups will be provided.


Preschool Music- Grade 10 piano and a clear, musical singing voice.   B.Mus in piano, voice or a B.Ed with strong music background is preferred.

Group Piano- B.Mus in piano, or M. Mus.   AVCM-  piano teacher  certification is highly desirable. 

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To apply, send a  resume to colwoodmusic@gmail.com

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